WATCH: Liberal Attacks Child, You’ll Never Believe Why

Being politically correct has become so important to liberals that they’re now willing to abuse children over it. No surprises here.

Especially considering the high rates of mental instability among democrats.

This month, a bus driver slapped a 10-year-old child for not wearing her face mask.

It’s nothing new that children have begun to speak out about wearing “face diapers.” They’re as sick of this COVID-19 brainwashing as we are!

The girl who faced the assault simply asked the bus driver why she had to wear her mask. An entirely valid question, considering even Dr. Fauci himself has admitted we shouldn’t be wearing them.

The bus driver has now been charged.

So liberals, thanks for making this a better, safer world for our children. I’m sure they all sleep much more soundly at night knowing their options are either not breathing, or physical abuse.