WATCH: Stacey Abrams Fears For Democracy Because Of This

Stacey Abrams recently expressed concern with some of the changes to election laws that have been passed in some states.

She believes it will cause problems for the Democrats.

Nawaz asked, “What do you think the impact of those laws could be when you look ahead specifically to the midterm elections? Are you concerned that Democrats could actually lose control of the House and Senate as a result of those?”

Abrams responded, “Yes. As a partisan, I am concerned about whether my party, which tends to be over-representative of communities of color, of communities that are disadvantaged and marginalized, that the party to which I pledge allegiance, or at least I have given my fealty, that the party could lose. But I honestly want us to return to the fundamentals of voting.”

Breitbart News

Instead of celebrating voting laws for the role they play in securing elections, Abrams is worried that it could make the Democrats lose…

You can watch the full clip here:

Maybe she’s worried because these laws could solve the problems many Americans heard about the 2020 election…

But surely that should be a cause for celebration, not concern…

So if Democrats like Abrams are unhappy about voting laws, what does that say about their approach to elections?