What Is Critical Race Theory?

A few states have recently banned something called “Critical Race Theory.” It already sounds strange. Race… theory? Then the liberals started to get very angry. That’s how you know it’s got to be something weird.

Let’s start with this stupid game the left likes to play. Ranking everyone’s privilege.

Basically, if you’re born white, you have all of the privilege. This is a “bad” thing. You want to have no privilege at all, if possible.

If you’re born as a minority, you’re not privileged. You win the game. By being a victim of white people, somehow?

Critical Race Theory is basically that mixed in with hate for all of America’s history. Show me a single country that doesn’t have an unpleasant history. That only exists in the insane minds of liberals.

Critical Race Theory holds that the most important thing about you is your race. The color of your skin. That’s who you are. Not your behavior. Not your values. Not your environment. Your race.

In Critical Race Theory, if you are a member of a “minoritized” racial group—their term, not mine—you are a victim of a system that is rigged against you, a system that doesn’t want you to succeed. On the other hand, if your race is “privileged,” you’re an exploiter—whether you intend to be or not.


PragerU has a full explanation in the video below:

This doesn’t teach kids that everyone is equal. It doesn’t tell them that everyone can succeed. It doesn’t point out that we already have laws against discrimination. It teaches kids to think of themselves only as helpless victims, or as evil overlords who should feel guilty for being alive.