Will This Finally End BLM’s Influence In Government?

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization has been pushing their racist Critical Race Theory (CRT) agenda with growing influence over the last several years, but they may finally get the smackdown that they so richly deserve, at least when it comes to their influence on Federal and state government policies.

A number of government employees have had enough of being called racist oppressors simply because of their DNA, and they have filed lawsuits. Now, those court cases are actually going to have their day before a judge (hat tip to here for the lead). John Murawski with RealClear Investigations writes,

Now critical race theory is about to face a major real-world test: a spate of lawsuits alleging that it encourages discrimination and other illegal policies targeting whites, males and Christians. But unlike Trump’s executive order, which ran into First Amendment problems by prohibiting controversial speech, the lawsuits name specific policies and practices that allegedly discriminate, harass, blame and humiliate people based on their race.  

The common thread of these legal challenges is the inescapable logic that making accommodations for critical race theory will erode the nation’s anti-discrimination law as it has developed since the 1960s. This would mean replacing the colorblind ideal of treating all people equally, which has been widely viewed as the crowning achievement of the civil rights movement, with a contrary strategy: implementing race-based policies, which can range from affirmative action to reparations for compensating African Americans for the injustices of the past and for producing equitable outcomes in the future.

“Critical race theory is a Trojan horse of sorts,” said David Pivtorak, a Los Angeles lawyer representing two white men who are suing two California state environment agencies. “It disguises itself as the gold standard of fairness and justice but, in fact, relies on vilification and the idea of permanent oppressor and oppressed races. Its goal is not ensuring that all people play by the same rules, regardless of race, but equity, which is a euphemism for race-based outcomes.”

About a dozen lawsuits and administrative complaints have been filed since 2018, with another wave planned this summer by conservative public interest law firms and private attorneys. Their goal is to draw attention to some of the more pronounced practices and win court judgments to slow down the spread of CRT in K-12 schools, government agencies other organizations.

Of course, the primary pusher of the heroin that is CRT is BLM, so if many of these lawsuits are lost by the CRT advocates, this means that BLM will lose major influence in both governmental and educational policies.

And they should. CRT is nothing but an excuse to villify certain people and make other people feel helpless for the purpose of creating a situation in which government can take charge to micromanage everyone’s lives.

Both CRT and BLM need to be condemned and outlawed for the racist garbage that they promote.