6 Out of Every 10 Americans Want a Third Party–Highest Poll Numbers Ever

A new Gallup poll published Feb. 15, 2021 shows almost two-thirds of American adults have concluded that the Democratic and Republican parties “do such a poor job representing the American people that a third party is needed.”

Gallup says they began asking this question on the desire for a third party back in 2003, and these results in 2021 are the highest percentage ever recorded in their polling.

The polls also found that half of the adult population in the U.S. reject party affiliation and identify as politically independent–another record high in Gallup’s polling history.

Via Gallup

Americans’ appetite for a third party has never been greater in Gallup’s nearly two decades of polling on the subject, and now a majority of Republicans are joining the usual majority of independents in wanting that option. The GOP is struggling to find its way in the post-Trump world, but party leaders hope it can unite in time to make gains in the 2022 elections. The possibility still exists that a pro-Trump or anti-Trump third party will splinter off from the Republican Party before then. However, that is something that party leaders like Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy are trying to prevent.

President Trump may end up starting a new third party. Some have speculated the name could be the “Patriot Party,” however there is no evidence Trump is starting a new party or sticking with the GOP at this point.

Reuters reported that Never-Trump Republicans are also considering an exodus from the GOP to start a new party.

There is also widespread knowledge of internal strife within the Democratic Party as well: the neoliberals vs. the far Left. One of those factions could possibly one day start a new party.

In the meantime, reactions on Twitter were as diverse as expected:

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