Bill Gates’ Secret Life Could Be Over

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, and his wife announced their divorce after 27 years of marriage. Makes you wonder what finally broke the camel’s back after all this time.

Something else that might make you wonder, is that Bill Gates has been buying up farmland left and right. What’s a computer guy doing with 242,000 acres of it? Sounds like a bit much for just a family plot.

While he made his $130 billion fortune through tech, Gates also owns nearly 270,000 acres (422 square miles) of land across more than a dozen states, according to a January investigation by The Land Report of the largely hidden investments.

The vast majority — some 242,000 acres (378 square miles) — is farmland, at least 50,000 acres more than the family with the next-largest holdings, the outlet said.

New York Post

Hidden investments, hundreds of miles of land. What a strange thing for Gates to be involved in. So far he’s enjoyed a secret life as the “the biggest owner of farmland in America,” according to New York Post.

His upcoming divorce from his wife could change that, though. Could his soon-to-be-ex-wife take half of that away from him?

We can only hope that after the paperwork is filed, Melinda Gates comes forward to spill the beans on why they were stockpiling all that farmland.