GRAPHIC: You’ll Never Believe What Liberal-Backed YouTube Isn’t Censoring

It’s no longer news that big tech censors our content. We see and hear only what they want us to see and hear. Anything that goes against their narrative is removed.

Some things big tech have removed are:

  1. Videos of liberals ripping up Trump ballots
  2. Trump himself
  3. Instagram accounts sharing the truth about the COVID-19 “vaccine”
  4. Information and videos of UFOs

The big question behind all of this censorship is pretty simple. If it’s not true, why won’t they just leave it be? Plenty of other things online are fake. Scammers. Fake Facebook profiles. Incorrect gender pronouns. The list goes on.

But something very concerning has recently been discovered.

Among all the things liberal YouTube removes from it’s platform, “naked yoga” is not one of them.

Yes, you or your children can actually find videos of people doing naked yoga. They are very graphic, and they aren’t flagged, taken down, or reported.

But when doctors, virologists, and people who have worked for Pfizer come forward and warn humanity about the vaccine, that’s “bad” and has to be removed.

Good luck out there in this clown world.