Is Joe Biden A Strong Or Weak President?

Biden Labels Xi Jinping a ‘Dictator’ Again, Potentially Straining U.S.-China Relations

In a recent encounter, President Biden once again labeled Chinese President Xi Jinping as a “dictator.” This comment followed a comprehensive discussion between the two during the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in San Francisco, potentially adding tension to the already strained relationship between the United States and China.

President Biden, in spontaneous remarks to the press in California, described Xi as the leader of a communist nation, highlighting the stark differences between their governmental systems. The conversation between Biden and Xi, which lasted around four hours, included a range of topics. They agreed on resuming military communications and addressing the issue of fentanyl entering the U.S. Other discussion points were the forthcoming Taiwanese elections, advancements in artificial intelligence, and the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East.

The meeting, which included a lunch and a private walk around the Filoli estate grounds, was a significant diplomatic engagement for both leaders.

This is not the first instance of Biden referring to Xi in such terms. Earlier in June, at a fundraising event near San Francisco, Biden expressed his belief that Xi was a dictator. This comment was in the context of a Chinese spy balloon being shot down by the U.S. military, an action that reportedly embarrassed Xi as he was unaware of the balloon’s existence. Biden shared this insight with attendees, highlighting the challenges faced by dictators when they are not fully informed about activities within their regime.