Liberal Leader Does a 180 on This Key Issue

It’s fun to see liberal Democrats oppose one another on an issue. Especially one that most lefties followed in lockstep like obedient sheep.

But it seems that quite a few liberal parents don’t want to tow the company line anymore. At least when it applies to their kids’ education.

Until this week, it seemed like most Dems were in favor of keeping kids out of school.

But now, the head of one of the largest teachers unions in America has changed her mind.

Randi Weingarten, head of the 1.7 million member American Federation of Teachers (AFT), now says schools should be re-opened, five days a week.

Here’s an excerpt from her remarks obtained by the New York Times:

“There is no doubt: Schools must be open. In person. Five days a week,”

It’s a complete flip-flop from her and the AFT’s past position on this issue. That’s because it’s been one of the biggest opponents of kids returning to school.

The union backed a lawsuit by Florida teachers against school re-opening. It also criticized President Trump’s plan to bring back in-person education. I guess regular schooling is OK now because a Democrat is in the White House.

Weingarten also favored a strike by the Chicago Teachers Union to halt the return of regular, in-classroom learning. Even though the Centers for Disease Control and Protection said students could return to classrooms safely.

The AFT voted to oppose Chicago Public Schools’ plan. The union said its teachers would not come back to class until they were vaccinated.

But there are some catches to this new-found position. Ms. Weingarten continues:

“(the return to school)… is not risk free, but (risks) can be largely mitigated through a series of steps including increased handwashing, masking, and decreasing class sizes.

However, she made it very clear that the AFT wants kids backs in school next fall:

“The United States will not be fully back until we are fully back in school… And my union is all in.”

The AFT leader is also expected to commit $5 million to help boost confidence in the return to classrooms. We don’t know how the union will spend these funds. Our guess is probably on PR and Big Media commercials running across the country.

It’s a good bet there was political and/or financial motivation behind this decision. Was it done to make Democrats look better to Americans… to ease political pressure from frustrated parents… and/or another unknown reason?

While this is the right thing to do, we wonder how many ulterior motives were involved in the decision.

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