Radical Biden Nominee Linked to This Gruesome Crime

Just when you thought the Biden Administration couldn’t get any more extreme, Team Joe says:

“Hold my double soy latte.”

A recent Bureau of Land Management nominee, Tracy Stone-Manning, has ties to left-wing activists and crimes. In 1989, she sent a letter to federal officials that said “a lot of people could get hurt” if logging continued in Idaho’s Clearwater National Forest. She warned that some of the trees had metal or ceramic rods inserted into them, a practice known as “tree-spiking.”

This can cause injury or death not only to loggers, but to employees who work in lumber mills. Here’s a graphic example:

In May 1987, 23-year-old George Alexander was working in a lumber mill in Cloverdale, California. A log that had a tree spike inserted into it hit the saw he was working with. The saw exploded, and half of it tore through his safety helmet and face shield. His jaw was split in half, his teeth were shattered, and his face was slashed between his eyes and chin.

Stone-Manning received immunity in the case and never faced charges. That’s because she testified against two of her friends. She admitted to mailing the letter and said it was sent to prevent people from getting hurt.

Republican senators including Tom Barrasso of Wyoming oppose this nomination due to her link to this eco-terrorism. Here’s what he said in a statement to the Washington Times last Friday:

“Tracy Stone-Manning collaborated with eco-terrorists, She worked with extreme environmental activists who spiked trees, threatening the lives and livelihoods of loggers. While she was given immunity from prosecution to testify against her companions in court, her actions were disgraceful.”

It’s another example of Team Joe’s radical agenda. Based on Biden’s recent statements and behavior, it’s obvious that he’s not in charge.

Which leads us to ask this:

Who calls the shots at the Biden White House?