This New Way to Lower Stress Levels is Bizarre

Ever heard of goat yoga? You know, the kind where you do yoga while goats walk all around and over you?

Well, that is not the latest, hippest animal-based wellness trend on the block anymore. Eat your heart out, goat yoga, these days it’s all about cow cuddling.

Well if in goat yoga you let goats walk on you, what do you do in cow cuddling? Exactly what it sounds like. You hug some cows.

During a session of cow cuddling, you are introduced to a cow. Then, you get to pet, hug, cuddle, snuggle, and talk to your bovine friend until the time runs out.

Sound weird? Maybe? But it actually helps people de-stress.

A cow-hugging session can produce several benefits, according to The Week. The cow’s warm body and slow heartbeat can promote positive thinking and reduce stress by releasing oxytocin in your brain.

Oxytocin is a feel-good hormone associated with social bonding. In a nutshell, cuddling a cow can make you feel loved.

So if you’ve been feeling like no one in this cruel, wretched world cares about you… Don’t be like that. The cow loves you. KEEP READING
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