This Red City In CA Is Fighting Back – Here’s How

The mayor of San Clemente, CA has something to say about Biden’s anti-gun views.

“I think the Second Amendment is absolutely under attack. When we have Democratic Party presidential candidates say ‘Let there be no mistake, we are coming after your guns,’ that means something.”

Mayor Gene James

Mayor Gene James introduced a resolution to make San Clemente a “Second Amendment Freedom City.” On June 1st, elected officials voted yes on the movement.

“I do see many of our constitutional rights being trampled upon. Certainly during COVID, our constitutional rights were trampled upon, particularly the First Amendment, our ability to gather to worship, our ability to open a business.

And I think it relates to the Second Amendment. People say that our Second Amendment rights are not under attack. They certainly are under attack. This is merely about the right to bear arms, and it shall not be infringed. 

We live in a world that’s kind of upside down for me right now. The police are demonized. The rule of law is being ignored. Law abiding citizens are fearful of what’s going on.”

Mayor Gene James