Trump Was Right About Arizona – Democrats Will Be Livid

During the 2020 election, Arizona’s 11 electoral votes were up for grabs – either Donald Trump or Joe Biden would take them.

And with a turnout of 79.9% of registered voters, Arizona’s message was loud and clear when they handed the victory to Joe Biden… or was it?

The election audit in Arizona has re-ignited talks of voter fraud across the nation, even drawing anger from Democrats and their radical base.

But what did they find?

The Palmieri Report previously reported on a major update regarding the audit in Arizona. In that article, they cited journalist Heather Mullins, who claimed:

Asked to confirm AZ audit rumors, results, & whether Trump won, my Audit source replied:

“The fraud is real & the numbers are significant. That is all I am comfortable saying.”

Pro Trump News

Here’s a tweet by Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers:

Just remember, this is the very same audit that was obstructed by Democrats and even by officials involved in the audit.

Thankfully, a brave judge gave the go-ahead and the truth is coming out.

Donald Trump has once again been proven right!