Try Not To Get Angry When You See What This Arsonist Did To A Veteran On Memorial Day

United States flag cracking

Adam Douglas, who bravely served as a Captain in Afghanistan in 2019, checked his doorbell camera when he noticed his American flags that are usually draped outside of his home, were missing.

What he witnessed was shocking and disgusting!

Upon checking his doorbell camera, video taken days earlier on May 26 shows a man touching the flag before picking up what appears to be a lighter. Douglas told Fox 10 News he heard several clicks from the lighter trying to ignite as the man attempted to light the flag on fire. 

Fox News

Even more disgusting is when the arsonist/thief decided to victimize this brave Patriot: May 26, on Memorial Day Weekend.

Adam Douglas speaking to Fox News:

“Memorial Day weekend — we’ve had people die while I was over there as well,” Douglas told the station, describing his military deployment. “It means a lot, I want to make sure that flag is out on Memorial Day weekend. To have it stolen is… I just couldn’t understand it.”

Fox News

To be clear, this crime is much deeper than just arsonist and theft. It’s outright disrespect to the brave men and woman of the United States Military who sacrificed their safety, sanity, and even their lives, to protect our freedoms across the world.

Unfortunately, with a Democrat in the White House, we can expect to see more of these sickening acts.