You’ll Never Guess Who Biden is Unhappy with Now

Joe Biden is getting frustrated with a group that gives him a free pass constantly and treats him like an adored old uncle.

Mainstream news outlets are generally mouthpieces for the Democratic Party. Joe has had a particularly easy time during his first months in office. The pandemic kept the press socially distanced, and gave the Biden Administration excuses to avoid the media’s questions.

Now that virus fears are at their lowest since March of 2020, Biden’s team can no longer keep their distance from the press, and “Uncle Joe” is getting cranky with all the “negative” questions now getting thrown at him.

Biden’s liberal team are circling the wagons around Joe with a wall of laughable statements, like this one:

Obama White House spokesman Eric Schultz dismissed complaints about Biden’s outbursts as “a desperate attempt to search for any critique of Biden since nothing else seems to stick.”

“The president answers questions from reporters regularly — with respect and admiration for their role,” he told the Washington Examiner. “This White House deeply respects the role of journalists — with everyone fielding questions and answering them as truthfully and candidly as they can.”

But Biden has a history of being prickly when faced with questions he does not like, from both reporters and voters. His irritability can be contrasted with former President Donald Trump’s hostility. Yet, while it chafes with Biden’s typically affable public image, it aligns with his reputation for berating staffers who, for instance, litter his speeches with jargon laypeople will not understand.

Biden is not as apt as his predecessors at spinning an unwelcome question with a talking point or pivot to the message of the day, according to political and media historian Brian Rosenwald, who contended it was “more a difference in personality than a difference in substance.”

“In terms of Democrats, I think there is probably a certain frustration that comes from having to hear conservatives scream and shout about how liberal the media is, while also confronting reporters constantly criticizing them, focusing on negative things, etc. But that’s probably more at the staff level,” he said.

The Washington Examiner

Poor old Joe. He can’t handle a few critical questions thrown at him without getting defensive.

What’s really funny is listening to left wing eggheads tell you that the media is treating Biden the same way they treated President Trump.

Come on, man!

The mainstream media loves talking about Biden’s ice cream obsession, while ignoring his overseas business dealings with his son, Hunter.

A hostile press?

Whatever you say, Joe.

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