New Billboard in Times Square Has Liberal Media Shaking in Their Boots

NOTE: A clear image of the billboard is revealed below…

Twitter banned them this year. Now they’re taking their battle to the streets of New York City.

Project Veritas now has a billboard in Times Square to solicit whistleblowers and people who are willing to go undercover to expose corruption.

Project Veritas has already exposed CNN, NY Times, Google, Twitter, and many other media giants. So the legacy fake news media has a big reason to be terrifed.

As you’ve recently seen, Project Veritas just inaugurated its FIRST EVER digital billboard in New York City’s Times Square.

The message is simple and to the point: Project Veritas needs the public’s support to recruit more Brave Insiders that are willing to blow the whistle on Mainstream Media, Big Tech, Hollywood, and/or Government corruption.

Here’s the best part: this ad is being played just a few blocks away from New York Times HQ!

Countless patriots are reaching out to Veritas every day with information and tips for us to pursue. This billboard is having a serious impact.

Project Veritas – Email dated May 19, 2021

Here are a few photos of the electronic billboard…

Project Veritas Billboard 1
Project Veritas Billboard 2
Project Veritas Billboard 3

Project Veritas has broken some of the biggest stories of the last year. This billboard will undoubtedly add more fuel to the fire.