COVID-19 HYPOCRISY: Why Is The Vax Free, But Not These 4 Treatments?

As we know, the government is working really hard to bribe people into getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Here are some of the states offering big incentives.

Ohio is offering a weekly $1 million lottery and full-ride college scholarships for vaccinated individuals.

California’s vaccinated people will be entered to win $116.5 million.

In Delaware, you could win $5,000.

West Virginia will give out custom guns or $1 million.

And on top of all that, the vaccine is free. Now let’s take a look at the list of medical conditions that aren’t free.

  1. Cancer. You do not get free chemo if you have cancer, even though cancer deaths are far greater than COVID-19 deaths.
  2. Diabetes. If you’re diabetic, too bad. No free insulin for you. But make sure you get your vaccine.
  3. Obesity. Are you obese? That’s your problem. Pay for your own expensive, non-GMO, chemical free, organic food.
  4. Mental Disabilities. Oh, you’re a veteran who fought for our country and you now have PTSD? Oh well.

If you have any of these conditions, have no fear. Covid-19 is the only thing you need to fear. Get your vaccine today, and then go to Krispy Kreme to get your free donut. #HealthisWealth