General Flynn’s Take on the Coronavirus Will Blow Your Mind

Business Insider published a hit piece on General Michael Flynn yesterday. But what they shared is getting a lot of support from Trump supporters and patriots.

What many Americans are agreeing with are the words coming straight from Flynn’s mouth.

The article was based on a video interview Flynn participated in, and we have a clip of that for you below. The article does not mention which podcast or video channel is hosting this interview. If you know the name of this show and/or have a direct link to this entire interview, we would appreciate it if you would share this in the comments.

Okay, here is what Flynn said about the coronavirus that is blowing people’s minds.

“Because when you look around the world and you go – all these other places – why are all these other places not having the kinds of problems that we keep getting beaten over our heads (in America)? We keep getting beaten over the head and shoulders in the country when it comes to COVID. Why? Because everything, everything and this is my truth, what I believe: everything is a distraction to what happened on the 3rd of November.

So everything we hear about: COVID, it started before the 3rd of November. But it’s all meant to control. It’s all meant to gain control of a society, to be able to force decisions on the society – instead of allowing we the people to make decisions.

And now with the vaccine, as an example – whatever happened to the women’s movement out there for the “my body, my choice”? They want to stick a needle in my arm to tell me ‘well, if you don’t have that needle, you can’t get an I.D. card, you can’t travel.

Wait a second! I’m as healthy as the next person. I’ve been taking hydroxychloroquin for 30 years.”


General Flynn’s comments are getting a lot of attention for obvious reasons.

What do you think? Do you agree with Flynn’s take on the coronavirus pandemic?

  1. If we have a history it will tell us that the Cov10 episode was the most obscene political move in our history.

  2. Flynn is spot on! No way is the vaccine a safe, acceptable option…. and OPTION it should remain, not a requirement. Look at the admitted purpose of the vaccine, to lower the world population. ( As admitted multiple times in multiple interviews and statements by Bill Gates and the lead speaker at the World Economic Forum last month. Why on earth would a rational person allow themselves to be vaccinated against COVID when 99′???? recover on their own.

  3. I agree with Flynn 100%. Trump won the election and this was all a diversion to take away from the TRUTH and keep us submissive.

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