You’ll Want to Break Something When You Hear What Hillary Said About Biden’s First 100 Days

She lost twice trying to get to the White House.

Now, for some reason, the Democratic media cares what Hillary Clinton has to say.

She still gets piped into liberal broadcasts now and then to fill time.

Unfortunately for her and CNN viewers, what she has to say at this point sounds embarrassingly foolish.

For example, Hillary was on CNN Sunday with CCP stooge Fareed Zakaria when she was asked to grade Joe Biden on his first 100 days in office.

Hillary, looking haggard through her web cam, gave Joe a glowing report card that absolutely makes her look like an idiot. Or a partisan hack. Or both.

She actually says, “I give [Biden] and ‘A’ and I’m a hard grader.”

Then she goes into her reasonings for giving dementia Joe a perfect grade. You will want to break something when you hear her talk.

Or, you might laugh your a** off.


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