Leaked Internal Documents From Disney Reveal This Big Secret

I’ve reported on Critical Race Theory before. The simplified version is that it tries to “reverse” racism and make white people pay for bad things their distant ancestors may have done.

Race Theory training has become more common place in the last year. Several states have banned it being taught in their schools. In order to get around this, it looks like they’ll be trying to shoehorn it into more children’s media.

These leaked documents from Disney show exactly what they’re teaching their employees:

This is a big thing with CRT, teaching white people to hate themselves. They must blame themselves for something they’ve never done or had any control over.

Equity means that we all get the same outcome. No one in life is ever guaranteed that. Why are people supposed to feel guilty for doing better than their neighbor?

This is quite literally the communist ideal. Everyone getting the same outcome. Doesn’t matter if they’ve worked hard their whole life to get where they are. They should only ever be allowed the same success as the guys flipping burgers.

“No one should ever be better than me because it’s not fair!!!” Like a spoiled child instead of a proud adult.

So we’re back to racial segregation again. “Separate but equal” except for the white people, who should throw away their books if they were written by other white people.