Suspicious Propaganda Tweets Found – The Agenda Is Clear, And It’s Not Good

Yesterday, we found tweets that appear to be part of a sneaky astroturfing propaganda campaign. Multiple users and possible bots posted tweets, all completely identical, saying, “My brother just tested positive for Covid.”

Unless all of these users have the same brother, it sounds like somebody has orchestrated an evil genius propaganda campaign to convince innocent twitter users that the Delta variant is more common than it actually is.

Today, we found a new set of identical tweets. So far, 9 accounts have copy & pasted the exact same thing.

“This is disgusting, masks and social distancing should be in place till minimum Christmas time at the earliest, the government are clueless, the Delta variant should be taken seriously and we should go into a national lockdown to prevent it spreading”

Astroturfing Tweet from Multiple Users

Whoever is behind this (our bet is China) is doing a really good job of convincing people to believe we should have another lockdown. If users don’t know this is a scam, they’ll surely fall for the fear mongering.