Wyoming Biz Gives This To Blue-State Refugees, Liberals Go Nuts

A Wyoming roofing company has made a generous offer to customers who come from blue states. One that has made quite a few liberals upset. Wiggins Construction offers new residents of Wyoming a free AR-15 when they buy a new roof.

Matt Thomas, head of marketing for the company explained why:

“People are moving into Wyoming to get out of the cities and to get away from living in fear. We’re just offering it…, for the people that are recently moving to Wyoming as a ‘Welcome to Wyoming’ gift. And for the people that are here, locals, just a ‘thank you’ for doing business.”

The company consulted with attorneys to make sure the AR-15 gift was legal. They’ll log the gun’s serial number and submit a transfer ownership form before they hand the gun over. Customers must also prove they are least 21 years old, and pass a standard background check before they receive the gift. 

As you’d expect, the company got a lot of backlash from angry liberals. Thomas said that critics told him his firm didn’t respect life and wanted lives to be taken. We all know that no responsible gun owner wants lives to be taken. However, their alternative bonus if a customer doesn’t want the gun proves otherwise.

Customers who don’t want the AR-15 gift can opt for an $800 donation to a Christian pregnancy center. It encourages single moms to keep their baby to term, and it’s an alternative to Planned Parenthood’s abortions.

Thomas told Fox Business this promotion has been a big success. Since early April, Wiggins Construction has received over 120 bids for a new roof from customers across Wyoming.

I think it’s a great example of how a business used a creative idea to help new customers defend themselves. And help new Wyomingites exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

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