Shocking: Liberal Media Lie About Their Own Biden Poll

The headline from NBC “news” today is..

Poll: At 100 days, Biden’s approval remains strong. Can the honeymoon last?

NBC News

CBS has this to say.

Biden receives positive marks at 100 days – CBS News poll

CBS News

Washington Post writes..

Power Up: Record high high approval rating among young voters, according to new poll

Washington Post

All three organizations are reporting based on a poll commissioned by NBC News and the Washington post. What did the company responsible for this poll have to say?

According to a Langer Research Associates (LRA) poll, conducted for ABC News and The Washington Post, Biden scored a 52 approval rating after 100 days in office.

The average at the 100-day stage for the 14 presidents from Truman to Biden is 66 percent, according to previous ABC/Post polls.

Only Ford in 1974—whose rating fell to 48 percent following his unpopular pardon of Richard Nixon—and Donald Trump at 42 percent, scored lower than Biden at this stage in their respective presidencies.

Langer Research Associates

Joe Biden has the third lowest approval rating. He is 14% lower than the over all average.

Why would these “News” organizations report the results of their own poll so dishonestly? Liberal bias? They want to believe Joe Biden is doing great? Their readers want to believe Joe Biden is doing great? But their own poll clearly disagrees.