THOUSANDS of Women Reporting This Terrifying Covid-19 Vaccine Reaction

Women all over the country are reporting the same, scary vaccine reaction: their menstrual cycles are completely out of whack.

Thankfully, one Instagrammer, dc_draino, hasn’t yet been censored for reporting the truth. These are things the CDC doesn’t want us to know.

“I’ve gotten thousands of messages [from women]. I’m still figuring out the best way to go about [sharing] this. One of the last things I wanna do is be focused on menstrual cycles, but there are just so many women. Thousands of women messaging me.”

Rogan O’Handley, Dc_Draino Account Admin

So, what’s in this experimental vaccine that’s throwing off women’s periods? And why? Could this make women infertile? Many speculate the vaccine was designed to do exactly that.

The following screen grabs are from dc_draino’s account.

Perhaps the most shocking thing about these claims is that a lot of the women experiencing strange period cycles aren’t even vaccinated. They just spend time around those who are.

This poses the question: Are these vaccines contagious? Some doctors are already warning against “shedding” from the vaccine.

Of course the mainstream media is denying that shedding exists, but check out this article from 2017: Vaccines of the Future Could be as Contagious as Viruses.

Hmm, Dr. Fauci, care to explain?