Try Not To Lose It When You See What Crazy Mob Did to This Firefighter (VIDEO)

ny attack on firefighter

In a woke leftist climate with little respect for the elders, generations of young people are maturing into savages.

It might sound like an exaggeration, but watch the video I’m about to share and think again.

It shows a swarm of teenagers attack an off-duty firefighter who was walking his dog.

What does a steadfast American say to this? What’s the reasoning behind it?

I’d argue that it’s all a consequence of an altered perception of Police authority.

The victim said that there were at least 100 kids and that they picked him randomly. One of the attackers took his shirt off and said, “it’s Fight Night!.”

Where is this country headed to?

We watch our athletes disrespect our flag at the Olympics and our kids attacking innocent people on the streets.