UFC President DESTROYS “Arrogant” Media in Brutal Takedown

ufc dana white

On Saturday night, UFC 261 took place in Jacksonville, Florida with 15,000 fans in attendance.

Predictably, the blue checkmarks on Twitter and the media blasted the UFC for their alleged “recklessness” at hosting such a large event.

But one of the worst hit pieces came from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which began its article saying, “At least 15,000 people are willing to risk permanent damage and death to attend a live sporting event again.”

On Instagram, UFC President Dana White responded to the hit piece, saying:

Hey Las Vegas, this is our piece of shit local newspaper. Through this entire pandemic we didn’t lay off a single employee, we worked with governmental agencies in Nevada and around the world to put on every event safely, and we chose to bring our biggest fight of the year with Conor McGregor back to town July 10th to help relaunch the city. Yet, this is how the Las Vegas Review Journal shows its support for a true local business. Go f*ck yourself LVRJ, and don’t bother coming to the fight in July.

-Dana White on Instagram

Quite frankly, it’s shocking that a local paper would be so antagonistic to a mega-business that brings thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars into Las Vegas every single year.

But in the Age of Covid and irrational fear, this is where we’re at.

After the fights were over, White again tore into the Las Vegas Review-Journal during an on-camera interview. Here’s what he said:

I know that you all have arrogant smug f*cking editors, you know, pompous ass editors, who write your headlines for you sometimes, and you know, some of the other fake bullsh*t that goes in there.

F*ck the Las Vegas Review-Journal. F*ck ’em. I thought it was dirty. I thought it was a low blow. And listen, at the end of the day, people can write whatever they want. So can I.

-Dana White on YouTube

Good for Dana White for firing back at the shameless media and their relentless fear-mongering. It’s time to get back to normal, and White is leading the charge.