VIDEO: Watch How the PGA Championship Made Biden Furious

The big story surrounding the PGA Championship golf tournament on Sunday is not the only big story.

Let me explain…

Everyone is talking about Phil Mickelson‘s win, and how he is the oldest major champion in pro golf history.

Congratulations to Mickelson for winning a major at age 50. He finished off his 73 with a simple par on the 72nd hole. People went nuts.

That’s when I noticed something weird about the fans at the Ocean Course going crazy all around Mickelson and his caddie.

There must have been several thousand people there, all tightly packed together.

And here’s the best part: NOBODY WAS WEARING A MASK!

Okay, I did see ONE person in the video wearing a stupid mask. She’s in a yellow shirt and appears to be working in crowd control.

However, Phil Mickelson, his caddie, and a couple thousand people all around the golf course are bare faced – and it’s glorious!

TAKE a Look:

Here is another beautiful video. I mean, it’s like we’re back in 2019! Look at all those smiling faces without masks and no social distancing!

Kudos to those people in South Carolina enjoying the sunshine bare faced. Wearing a mask outside is just plain stupid at this point.

Joe Biden must have spit out his prune juice when he saw this! I’ll bet he’s getting madder and madder watching the PGA highlights. Haha!

Let Freedom Ring!

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  1. Biden has made a mess of everything. Mask-wearing outside should be the least of his worries. His dementia shows more every day!

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