WATCH: Biden Uses Old-School Method To Remember Talking Points

On a recent visit to a water plant in New Orleans, Joe Biden needed some help to remember what to say.

Of course the liberal media never comments on his memory because it’s inconvenient.

But Biden, at least officially, is our President and Commander-in-Chief. So we have a right to question his mental health.

Situations like this are not good:

Biden visited the Carrollton Water Plant in New Orleans and he looked like a clueless child on a field trip.

Joe Biden had to rely on notecards as he shuffled around the water plant.

78-year-old Biden can’t go anywhere without his notecards. He is always spotted reading from notecards because he can’t remember anything.

The Gateway Pundit

If it sounds bad, that’s because it is.

It looks even worse when you see the full clip:

A man who cannot lead his own conversations shouldn’t be leading a country.

A man who has to rely on notecards to be involved in simple conversations shouldn’t be in any official roles at all.