We Have Kamala’s Covid Test Results For You

Yesterday, we reported that America’s illustrious VP Kamala Harris was scheduled to see a doctor under strange circumstances.

The reason for Kamala’s doctor visit traces back to July 13 when that group of nutty Texas Democrats left their responsibilities in Austin and flew to Washington D.C. to “protest” a Texas bill that would increase election integrity in the Lone Star State. (Their private plane was stocked with beer, according to photos.)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott threatened to arrest them when they returned to Texas.

Anyhow, while these rogue Texas Democrats were in D.C., a bunch of them met with Kamala in person.

Next thing you know, the Democrat Caucus of Texas announced that a total of five of these runaway Dems tested positive for the coronavirus.

So because Kamala met with these infected runaway Texas reps, many speculated that the VP’s sudden doctor’s visit had to be related to her being in contact with Covid-infected Democrats.

Harris had met with a large portion of the group on Tuesday, at least two of whom were later diagnosed with the coronavirus. The five lawmakers and Harris have all been vaccinated.

The group of Democrats faced vocal criticism from their Republican counterparts in Texas and became the subject of widespread mockery on social media for posting photos of themselves not wearing masks in two airplanes they boarded to flee Texas.

The group shared maskless selfies with a case of beer as they boarded the flights from Austin to Washington D.C. to break quorum and halt the advance of the two election bills.

Members of the group continue to taunt Republicans with photos of themselves on buses and planes, which many have noted flaunt social distancing guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Texas House voted to have members of the group arrested upon their return to the state, and Republicans have criticized them for impacting the passage of other bills beyond those relating to election reform, such as a bill to fund retired teachers and a bill on bail reform.

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So after all this drama – Kamala needed to get tested. White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted that Harris did get tested, however, she insisted the test had nothing to do with Kamala’s meeting with the infected Texas lawmakers.

What was Kamala’s test results?

Psaki said that Harris was tested and that “there was no detection of COVID-19.”

The revelation comes days after Harris’ office insisted that she would not be tested for the coronavirus even after coming in contact with two of the five lawmakers who tested positive.

A White House official who spoke to the Daily Mail told the publication that Harris had always intended to get tested for the virus before the meeting, as it was part of a previously scheduled routine doctor’s appointment at the Walter Reed Medical Center over the weekend.

The two, the official insisted, were not connected.

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Yeah, sure Psaki. Whatever you say.

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