TRUMP CARD: MyPillow CEO Has ‘Royal Flush’ of Voter Fraud Evidence for SCOTUS

mypillow ceo mike lindell

The king of pillows – Mike Lindell – dropped a bombshell during a recent interview with Steve Bannon’s War Room.

Lindell says he can prove that voter fraud “happened in every state.”

And the “My Pillow Guy” wasn’t done dropping surprises – his second shocker was announcing he will be presenting a “Royal Flush” of voter fraud evidence to the Supreme Court by July.

“Right now the lawyers are writing up the case, as we speak. And this will end up, within five to six weeks, get to the Supreme Court, with them being the plaintiffs.”

“We set it on their doorstep. And I’m telling you, by that point, everyone in the country knows this case is coming.”

“If they accept it, which they will, they will vote 9-0. Not 8-1. Not 7-2. 9-0 because it’s so obvious and you can’t lie. It’s 100%. This is it.”

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC and CNN are going, “Wow! It wasn’t a conspiracy theory. This is an attack on our country.”

“It’s going to pull this election down. And what they do then – there has been precedence before, and that’s in down tickets. When you find a crime has been committed, of course you give it to the person that actually won.”

So I’ve said it before – Donald Trump, I believe, will be back in by the end of August.” – Mike Lindell

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  1. Fantastic! Proof always shows what transpired. Cannot dismiss physical evidence or ignore it. But WE THE PEOPLE will have to see if this supreme court will actually follow the constitution. Mr. Lindell stands above all those rinos we elected to protect our country and Rights. Thank you Patriot Mike Lindell.

  2. First dems wanted to recount the votes when President Trump was
    elected. Then Russian collusion. Then impeachment. All lies packed
    with deceit. President Trump weathered an on sought of garbage
    from the media calling him a racist. The behaviors of racism comes
    from the Democrats. Disgraceful!
    Why would anyone be surprised that voter fraud occurred? The decline
    of this country is due to the Democratic Party. They proved they can
    control society using COVID-19 as an excuse. Funny the Republican
    run states are thriving, businesses and schools opened while dems
    are suppressing everyone else. Shame on the media for their
    deceit. Interestingly I could write a novel about my observations. This
    whole period reminds me of the 1930s when Hitler took power.

  3. This is what I’ve been saying. Anyone with any brain at all that attended the presidential rallies like I just knows there was no way Biden would even get close to the votes Trump received. Even with all this evidence, I’m still fearful of the steps these democrats may take against those bringing charges against them. I’m also fearful of others like those in congress that tried so hard to impeach Donald Trump and even the Sur-prime court. Just join me in prayer for these hero’s that are probably putting themselves in danger by coming forward with their testimony.

  4. Democrats have been doing this in certain Dem-run cities for years, but in the 2020 election, they used every dirty trick in the book, then lied to us about it. Then we experienced widespread MSM gaslighting: we were told unequivocally what to think, rather than presenting facts and letting the public decide for itself. Both sides of the argument were not presented. The media pushed a biased narrative until Biden-Harris were confirmed.

    We also witnessed widespread censorship on social media, to suppress the truth. It reminded me of the way the state propaganda tells people what to think in Communist countries. American media in 2020 became like the media in China or North Korea: echoing the party line. Then there was the fact that judges did not have the courage to hear the evidence, probably out of fear for their lives. Just as the jury in the Chauvin trial dared not return with an acquittal, despite mountains of reasonable doubt.

    There was incredible political pressure brought to bear to push a Biden-Harris win by the same media that had for four years pushed a false narrative against Trump, scapegoating and demonizing him relentlessly. We were told over and over what we were supposed to think. Tens of millions of people suspended the use of their own reason and judgement, out of fear, just as they did when submitting to the unconstitutional lockdowns. It was reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984 in which Big Brother establishes correct belief, and dissent from that is illegal.

  5. Mike Lindell is like a pit bull with a bone. He’s not giving up to the corrupt system. He is not easily initiated by the PACs, Billionaires and the DemoRats. He is a honorable patriot. G-d bless you and watch your back.

  6. Hopefully the Supreme Court will hear his voter-fraud evidence will be heard this year, if at all. Some how this 2020 Election Fraud needs to be settled one way or the other; Our Nation is being destroy by the False Government in charge at the present. By Christmas, if Biden is still in the Oval Office, and the Democrats continue on with their destruction of our Nation, we won’t recognize it.

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