See the Frightening Way This Woman Was Carjacked in a “Safe” Suburb


Without law enforcement, crime flourishes.

Cities and states that have chosen to defund the police are now learning this the hard way.

All sorts of crimes — especially violent crimes — have risen dramatically in places like Portland, OR; St. Louis, MO; and Minneapolis, MN.

Which brings us to today’s story…

While a woman gathered some items from her trunk, two hooded men approached from behind. The one on the left distracted the woman while the one on the right snuck in through the passenger door.

This happened in broad daylight in Audubon Park, which is supposedly a safe suburb of Minneapolis.

It’s unlear whether the woman left the keys in the ignition or if the man who initally approached her took them from her.

Regardless, the woman made the right decision to not resist. By allowing the carjackers to flee, she very well could have saved her own life.

Still, it’s sad to see criminals flourishing in once-safe neighborhoods. When will citizens decide they’ve had enough and demand funding for police?