You Won’t Believe What This Newspaper Did For Mother’s Day

Well-known liberal news outlet, The New York Times decided that the day before Mother’s Day was a perfect time for their agenda.

During a time that is meant to celebrate Motherhood, NYT posted a propaganda piece about how “horrible” being a mom is. Is this how they “cancel” Mother’s Day?

It’s all story after story of women who are trying to convince themselves that their childless life is worth something “more” than the woman who dedicates herself to her family. They’ve have slowly succeeded at teaching young people that being a responsible adult is lame, so they should stay a child forever.

This is becoming a real issue because here in America, our birth rate is declining. More and more adults want things given to them for free, like spoiled children.

It’s considered cool to brag about having mental illness. Promoting the value of hard work and sacrifice is considered “ableist” because someone with “anxiety” can’t do work. Hey liberals, we ALL have anxiety sometimes. We just get over it instead of acting like babies. Life doesn’t stop for you.

Let me tell you something. I’m a mother. I have two beautiful children. I value every second that I can spend with them. Even the bad ones. I’m raising the next generation and some sacrifice is part of that, but it’s worth it. Everything worth doing requires hard work.

Calling mothers “breeders” on Mother’s Day. They’re bullying parents. That’s what the left is encouraging.

Society wants me to hate my own children for existing. They want women to think abortion is an achievement. I’ve lost friends who hate the idea of children so much they can’t keep their mouths shut about mine.

We’re teaching people that being happy means doing no work, ever. Including for family or for their own survival. All types of work are considered oppressive and the only answer is to be given free money by the government.